Monday, July 26, 2010

"Big Boy" is a "Red Cap" Rooster!

Yay, so I finally know what his breed is......thanks to the wonderful people on the Backyard Chickens boards!!! =) ( AMAZING website, love the message boards!)

(*Edit: Ok, so maybe he is a "Redcap" roo? lol Some others on the site have spoken up, and said they don't think he is a Redcap, but some sort of strange cross breed? Very possible! lol Anyone reading this have any idea? Please leave a comment!)

Out of the chickens I was given a while back, two were roosters. I assumed they were some sort of cross breeds.....which would be fine...but I was surprised when I posted their photos on the breed/gender identification board! The younger of the two (about a year, I was told) is a Golden Laced Wyandotte, apparently. And the bigger one, i've named "Big Boy" lol, is a "Red Cap" roo!

I'd never heard of the Red Cap breed, I guess they are somewhat rare, apparently?


I was told this roo is a "Golden Laced Wyandotte"?
Can't help but think he looks mixed..
He's a little more "tame" than Big Boy! lol
None of these chickens were tame, but i'm working on it!

This is "Big Boy"... Apparently, a "Red Cap" roo!

Big Boy is one BIG boy! lol

His "Red Cap" comb.. So strange looking! lol

He's far from tame, but i'm working on it.
He's beginning to trust me a little more each day, and vice versa. lol
The very little i've been able to find to read about the breed,
says the breed is very shy by nature.
So, he may never be the loving roo my little Spunky is. lol
That's alright though. =)

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