Thursday, August 5, 2010

Henny or Benny, continued! lol More pics..

My last post was about "Henny", and whether or not Henny is a hen/pullet or a cockerel/little rooster. I've had some people say she(?) looks like a female, and quite a few others say male.

She/he has acted a bit like a male, but then she was raised with SpunkyRooster, my young White Leghorn cockerel. So, maybe that why? Or, maybe she is a "he"? lol I mean, don't get me wrong, Henny will still be my baby, one of my favorites of the flock, either way! lol I'm just really curious!! lol

Also.. Trying to figure out her/his breed, or mix of breeds?

More photos:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Henny, or "Benny"? lol

Henny, Henny, Henny.....
Are you a "Henny", or are you a "Benny"? lol

So, this is "Henny". Or, is it "Benny"?
In any case, this is my chicken. lol
I love her....err, him...err,
whatever he/she may be, regardless! lol
But, I am curious. Is it a he or a she?

Henny on the right, and her "brother" Spunky Rooster on the left.
I've had them since they were a couple days old.
Not sure of Henny's breed..
Spunky has turned out to be a pretty little Leghorn roo!
I always had a feeling he/she was a "she",
thus the totally unimaginative name, "Henny". lol
She does act a little like a roo at times.
But still, I kinda feel she is a female.
A pullet.
She and Spunky were born in late March/1st of April.
(RIP little fawn in the background)
She looks like a pullet/hen to me, in this one!
But so many people i've talked to say cockerel/roo!

Please comment, and tell me what you think!
Is my Henny *really* a Benny? lol

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Big Boy" is a "Red Cap" Rooster!

Yay, so I finally know what his breed is......thanks to the wonderful people on the Backyard Chickens boards!!! =) ( AMAZING website, love the message boards!)

(*Edit: Ok, so maybe he is a "Redcap" roo? lol Some others on the site have spoken up, and said they don't think he is a Redcap, but some sort of strange cross breed? Very possible! lol Anyone reading this have any idea? Please leave a comment!)

Out of the chickens I was given a while back, two were roosters. I assumed they were some sort of cross breeds.....which would be fine...but I was surprised when I posted their photos on the breed/gender identification board! The younger of the two (about a year, I was told) is a Golden Laced Wyandotte, apparently. And the bigger one, i've named "Big Boy" lol, is a "Red Cap" roo!

I'd never heard of the Red Cap breed, I guess they are somewhat rare, apparently?


I was told this roo is a "Golden Laced Wyandotte"?
Can't help but think he looks mixed..
He's a little more "tame" than Big Boy! lol
None of these chickens were tame, but i'm working on it!

This is "Big Boy"... Apparently, a "Red Cap" roo!

Big Boy is one BIG boy! lol

His "Red Cap" comb.. So strange looking! lol

He's far from tame, but i'm working on it.
He's beginning to trust me a little more each day, and vice versa. lol
The very little i've been able to find to read about the breed,
says the breed is very shy by nature.
So, he may never be the loving roo my little Spunky is. lol
That's alright though. =)

Evil chickens?

Did you know chickens can be vicious, evil creatures???
The other evening, my two ducks went into the coop for the night,
and wouldn't come out - to go back to theirs.

I didn't see any harm, and let the stay with the chickens.

When I went to let them out to free range the next day,
Bucky's back was bloody, they were eating him alive!!! =(
He's recovering well, but it was horrific.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My flock

New Blog/Photo Blog, dedicated to my chickens! =)

I started out with two little balls of fluff from Tractor Supply,
this Spring.. Henny & Spunky-Rooster (assuming he/she is a he lol).
Here they are about a month ago..
Oh, and that's Bucky Duck, in the back. lol

Henny, on her way home!
2 days old..

Spunky-Rooster, 2 days old!
I put my hand in the brooder,
and he came up to me.. He's my baby! lol

Bucky Duck, a couple days old =)

Bucky and Izzy

This is a beautiful rooster.
Breed? Not sure.. But *so* pretty!
Need to get a photo of him, full body, in the sunlight!
He came with some hens I took in....
He's not tame, i'm working on that.
He's very aggressive with the girls,
so he has to have his own "Bachelor pad". lol

Here he is again.. Huge comb and wattle! lol

Spunky Rooster..
I'm guess "he" is infact, a "rooster".
I thought so, when I first got him..
But, so far no crowing..
And, he looks a bit like my White Leghorn hen!
But.. He is really starting to look like a little rooster, now.

Miss Henny
What breed is she??? lol
Those tan freckles on her wings, no idea!
She was a Tractor Supply chick..assorted bin.
She is so sweet. Sassy! But sweet. lol
This rooster also came with the hens, last month.
He's a little more tame, but not 100%.

Henny and the baby deer..
(The deer had been hit by a car on the highway, recovering well!)
This series of photos are comical! lol
I had put a plastic egg in the temporary "nesting box",
to get the hens to start using it as a nesting box.
I think I confused this chicken. Really, I do. lol

The beige egg is real, fwi. =)

Butchie, the chicken guard..
On top of chicken pen. lol

He loves his "hammock", lays out there all day! lol

The first egg the hens laid, after taking them in!
This one came from my White Leghorn.

Have quite a few now! lol
They lay an average of 1/2 a dozen to a dozen a day,
at this point.

The Delaware hens

See where some of their feathers are missing?
Some are worse than others, by far!
Their feathers were a mess when I got them,
but are starting to (slowly) fill back in, now.
The previous owners kept the roosters with the hens,
and they are *very* aggressive with the girls.
Have to keep the boys separate now,
and the girls are much happier!
The coop, not completed! lol

More photos and blogging, soon!